Yo! I'm Dan, a 22 year old struggling undergrad who is, like many of you out there, severely addicted to this thing we call Tumblr. This is my "anything & everything" blog. Hope you enjoy your stay here, friends *salutes*
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if a girl is angry about something and you blame it on her period, you deserve a high five

with a car

You’re on your period right?

I am a 17 year old boy

i love how you felt the need to add your age there

Everyone knows that boys don’t get their periods
until they’re 20 at least


I was expecting something bloody but this is so much better

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if u don’t like Hufflepuffs then u must not like acceptance, honesty, equality, loyalty, easy kitchen access and lovely cozy hobbit holes and if u don’t like any of those things then u must be a very sad person and i will invite u into our cozy badger tunnel and nab u some cauldron cakes and butterbeer from the kitchens next door and listen to ur troubles until u feel a lil less sad